Our web application LiMaS WebSuite helps the companies belonging to the ErP & EE sector (Energy-related Products & Electrical-Electronic sector) to Eco-Innovate.

LiMaS WebSuite is a set of interrelated web tools, which are specific for the ErP & EE sector, that assess and offer solutions to the main environmental issues and problems related to this type of products and the organisation as a whole.

LiMaS WebSuite enables the user to:

Determine the applicability of the principal environmental legislation affecting the sector, these being the WEEE, RoHS, Eco-design Directives and REACh Regulation, and the company’s compliance with this legislation;

Monitor the use of hazardous substances in the company;

Evaluate and determine the most important environmental aspects regarding the company within the frame of an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Determine the environmental performance of a product by carrying out a simplified Life Cycle Analysis and determining for example its carbon footprint;

Determine the principal eco-labels used by the sector and which of these can be used for a specific product.

The LiMaS WebSuite is an application designed to enable “technical staff” or “engineers”, who are not necessarily “environmental experts”, to handle and analyse environmental results.

LiMaS WebSuite allows you to get a first and rapid answer to the key environmental issues and problems relating to your product, as well as a series of recommendations, by just entering a few input data. The user will then be able to fine-tune the accuracy and detail of the responses obtained for each specified module by reviewing the suppositions and adding more detailed and realistic information and data.


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